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Some updates from Mark Taylor

After 29 years of a brick and mortar retail store I've gone mobile! Part of what makes my inventory so appealing is my time spent travelling. Now I can travel & treasure hunt without the guilt of having my store closed for weeks at a time!

As a mobile antique broker, I pride myself on the personal connections I forge along the way. Building relationships with collectors, designers, estate owners, local artisans, influencers and fellow antique enthusiasts has allowed me to access a vast network of remarkable finds and uncover hidden treasures that might otherwise remain unseen. Reach out with any questions!



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Welcome to Taylor’s Antiques, your premier destination for all things timeless and treasured in the heart of the Okanagan. Since 1994, We have been curating an exceptional collection of vintage and antique pieces, establishing Taylor's Antiques as a beloved establishment among locals, designers, restaurants, and estate owners alike.

At Taylor’s Antiques, we pride ourselves on our extensive network of connections and friends, built over decades of dedicated service. Our relationships have allowed us to source rare and unique treasures that tell stories of bygone eras.

As you step into our store, you'll be transported to a world where history and beauty converge. From elegant furniture and statement pieces to delicate glassware and exquisite artwork, every item in our collection has been handpicked for its exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and timeless appeal.

We take great pleasure in assisting individuals in finding the perfect piece to complement their personal estates, whether it's a stately antique desk or a delicate chandelier that adds a touch of grandeur. Our team of knowledgeable and passionate staff is always ready to provide personalized guidance, helping you discover the hidden gems that resonate with your style and vision.

But our influence doesn't stop at personal estates. We have also had the honor of collaborating with renowned local restaurants and designers, supplying them with distinctive pieces that enhance their spaces and create unforgettable ambiance. We believe that by incorporating vintage elements, one can elevate any setting and infuse it with a sense of history, character, and charm.

At Taylor’s Antiques, we cherish the stories behind each piece and the connections formed with every person who walks through our doors. We invite you to join our community of antique enthusiasts, designers, influencers, and history lovers who appreciate the enduring beauty and craftsmanship found in every corner of our store.

Whether you're seeking a rare find, a conversation starter, or a piece that holds sentimental value, Taylor’s Antiques is your trusted source. Come visit us, immerse yourself in the allure of the past, and let us assist you in uncovering your own piece of history.

Cheers to the journey of discovery and the art of preserving the past!

- Mark Taylor
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